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Project BZR-01

For the first time Bullz Racing is entering into the world of formula student series competition, carrying forward our principles and lessons learnt from designing and building Baja cars and go-karts competing in various competitions across India since our inception in 2010.

Our prototype vehicle codenamed BZR-01 is designed and is being fabricated in accordance with  the rules set by formula SAE and provided by Formula Bharat.


Our first ever Single seater formula style race car

 Formula Student


Formula Student is an engineering design competition aimed to promote practical engineering and management skills among competing students . FS competitions are considered as the standard for engineering graduates to meet and is the first step into the world of motorsports.

Formula Bharat


BZR-01 is planned  to compete in 2021 season of Formula Bharat which is one such FS competition taking place in India .The challenge to the design team is to design and fabricate a prototype that best meets their goals and intents. Over the course of a five day competition, a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries judge the design, cost and business planning of all the teams to determine the best team and vehicle; in addition the team’s on-track performance scores will demonstrate how well they hold up under real life conditions.

The Formula Bharat competition will be divided into 2 categories – Static and Dynamic – which account for a total of 1000 points.