Sponsors 2020 - 21

Many thanks and appreciation to all our partners for enabling Bullz Racing to design and manufacture our vehicle. 

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We are always looking for new partners! If you are interested , please contact us here.

How you can help us?

Support our cause. Become a Bullz Racing Sponsor. 

Monetary Sponsorship

Being a student racing team, we require constant financial support throughout the season/year.

Monetary Donations are the most important form of sponsorship for us.

Please find the sponsorship packages listed in the downloadable sponsorship brochure below.

In-Kind Sponsorship

We are very thankful and value the sponsorship of software licenses , technology devices, machining services, raw materials, stock components, merchandise, and other customized products.

We would be very grateful if organizations like yours could help us with your products.

Technical Guidance

Technical competence is crucial for delivering the best performance. We keep this in our mind and constantly seek access to expert advise, facilities for design validation, precise manufacturing, testing and fine tuning.